Module: Attendance Control

Module: Attendance

2PERSONNEL® plans, manages, registers and controls all personnel attendance records and provides payroll performance reports.


  • Creates digital versions of formats required by fiscal supervisory authorities.
  • Multi-company and multi-locations.
  • Management of different business rules by locations.
  • Adapts and manages different types of payroll per job sites, branches or companies.
  • Keeps time and attendance for personnel working at different locations.
  • Allows for the integration of HR systems (ERPs, payroll software, among others).
  • Configurable, automated notifications, alerts, reports on management variables.
  • Overtime hour management (approval workflow, compensations, legal documentation).
  • Vacation time (request and approval workflow).
  • Maternity leaves.
  • Night shifts.
  • Different types of shifts (flexible, rotations, etc.)..
  • Medical leaves.
  • Work per hour allowances (bags of hour).
  • Justifications (individual, massive, future, hourly and daily).
  • Personalized, time-based benefit coupons for workers.
  • Limits access to timecards for personnel on vacation or on leave etc.
  • Calculates payroll results including (tardiness, missing, overtime, etc.).

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